Vote for Dr. Richard R. Schulze, Jr. in Savannah Magazine’s 2024 Edition

We sincerely hope you are happy with the care you have received in our practice. As a means of reaching out to more patients like you in the community, we would like for you to vote for us in the Savannah Magazine Best Doctors 2024 poll.

Voting is easy! Click “Vote Now”, scroll down to #51, and vote for Dr. Richard R. Schulze, Jr., under the “Best Ophthalmologist” category in Savannah Magazine’s Best of Doctors 2024 Edition. It will take less than five minutes to complete. Please share this link and ask family and friends to vote as well! While you’re there, vote for your favorites in other specialties as well. Hurry, the voting ends on April 8th!

Thanks to all of you who voted for Dr. Schulze, he won 7 years in a row as Best Ophthalmologist (2017 – 2023)! We appreciate your trust in Dr. Schulze and would like to keep this streak going. Thank you for your help again this year! We look forward to serving you in 2024!


Custom Monovision

With Custom Monovision, we aim for distance vision in the dominant eye. We aim for reading vision in the non-dominant eye by making it nearsighted. Having one eye set for distance and one eye set for near increases the number of things that you can do without glasses. This approach after cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange works best in patients who have previously had success wearing contact lenses for monovision.

The disadvantage with monovision is that both eyes may no longer work together for distance or near vision. Some patients, realizing the advantage of increased freedom from glasses and contacts, tolerate this disparity extremely well. Other patients are unable to tolerate the imbalance between the two eyes. The goal with Custom Monovision is to see well enough to pass a driver’s test and read a newspaper without glasses.

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