Basic Cataract Surgery

Those patients who simply want to see better but do not mind wearing contact lenses or eyeglasses are generally best served by having Basic Cataract Surgery.  Basic Cataract Surgery is the least expensive option for our cataract patients, yet we find that these patients enjoy excellent quality of vision after surgery.  Basic Cataract Surgery uses traditional monofocal lenses with powers that can be calculated to help you see far away or up close.  This is the option that most of our patients choose.  It uses the tried and true technology of traditional monofocal IOL’s that has been developed with great success for over 50 years. 

After Basic Cataract Surgery, most patients require reading glasses and/or bifocals to achieve their best vision.  Reading glasses have the virtue of being inexpensive (generally around $10) and readily available without a prescription. 

Understand that although an effort is made to lessen dependence on glasses even with our basic surgery, there is no guarantee to eliminate glasses, especially for reading.  The monofocal lenses used in Basic Cataract Surgery are covered by Medicare and private insurance.   Patients who choose Basic Cataract Surgery who later desire reduced dependence on glasses after surgery must understand that further refractive procedures such as LASIK, PRK, or intraocular lens exchange are the financial responsibility of the patient.

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